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Human life

While Harley was a human she was always being controlled by Tatia, being the older twin Tatia would be the one who got more attention, making Harley jealous of her sister. She saw no point in Tatia getting more attention, after all they were only minutes apart. When Tatia fell pregnant, Harley left, sick at the attention that Tatia received. She went back to her family shortly after Tatia's blood was used to make the vampires.

The originals

  • Klaus: She always had her eye on him, but he had his eye on Tatia. The two of them had a very short lived fling while Tatia was focusing on Elijah. Harley holds resentment about him choosing Tatia, and him turning Her, not that she would ever admit it to him if she saw him.
  • Elijah: She can't lie, she found him attractive, but she never thought of him more then a friend, and even then he wasn't a close one
  • Rebekah: Harley at a point liked Rebekah as more then a friend, but she never told her. Harley liked her more then her brothers, since she didn't fawn over her sister like the rest
  • Kol: She thought Kol was full of himself, but she didn't hate him, she rather admired him at points.
  • Finn: She didn't really talk to him,but she thought him nice enough
  • Vampire life

    Shortly after the vampires were made, she ran into Klaus who mistook her for Tatia, much to her displeasure. Only a month after knowing Klaus, and him knowing she wasn't Tatia, he had snapped and bit her, nearly draining her of blood. He ended up turning her, never telling her the reason why. She would hope it was out of love, but she knew he had fallen for her sister, like every other man had. She soon separated from Klaus once she was in control of her thirst. She always preferd to feed off of humans, always enjoying the fresh warmth of their bodies slowly turning to cold. She's a bitch, and a bit ruthless when it comes to attacking, her bitterness as a human only intensifying as a vampire.

    Why she's in mystic falls

    She has heard rumors of another doppelganger she had only met Katherine once, mistaking her as her sister at first glance, and she hates the idea of someone with her face roaming around. She came to Mystic Falls to see what was going on.

    Key personality traits

  • Clever
  • Charming
  • Graceful
  • Protective
  • Stubborn
  • Conceited
  • Cruel
  • Reckless
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    Blurb Four



    Simple rules really

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  • Ships


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    • Harley/Klaus
    • Harley/Rebekah
    • Harley/Katherine
    • Harley/Kol
    • Harley/Chemistry

    I'm always up for new ships, as long as it's not forced

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